Hunting Season

Many years ago when I use to hunt circa early 1980’s and it was javelina season in Arizona. I used to hunt alone since my brothers were both tied up with work most of the time. So on the back side of Lake Pleasant Az about 3 miles from my truck I filled my tag with a nice pig about 40# on top of a very tall mesa. When I javelina hunted back then I always only applied for the handgun hunt. The reason was that I always found handgun hunting a more fair way of hunting since the handgun hunter had to get very close to his game to kill in a humane way. I use to be a very good shooter with a handgun and 50 yards was about my maximum range for taking javelina. Try to get within 50 yards of a pack of javelinas in the wild sometime. You have to be a good hunter the only game harder to take in Arizona is the Turkey in my opinion. Back to mister javelina I cleaned up my pig an suit-cased “tie the legs together an carry your game” like a suitcase. About half way down the steep mesa I slipped an fell backwards and landed with my leg underneath my back. Needless to say I thought I broke my leg,the pain was intense an after rolling on my side I laid there for at least a half-hour waiting for less pain and trying to figure out how to get back to my truck ~ 2 miles away. I crawled about 20 yards and found a stout stick to use as a crutch/walking stick. Remember I had about 35# of javelina left to also get back to my truck. Thought I might have to crawl but as long as I left my weight off my leg I could travel even with the pig as I was in pretty could physical shape back then. made it back to the truck in about 2 hours an drove home about 3:00 pm and since I was tough back then I skinned/cut up and slapped the pig in the freezer. My wife got home an drove me to the emergency room and after x-rays found out it was just a bad sprain. My leg was bruised and swollen but I guess my bones were pretty good back then no simple fracture like I feared. I was off work for the rest of the week and learned one important thing. Do not hunt alone in Arizona it was February so wasn’t real hot but the desert can be deadly if I had really had say a compound fracture or head injury the story may have changed. Many hunters go out in Arizona but going out alone is not the way to go for safety.


Your bleeped up brain

Interesting show on H2 channel 271 on Direct TV. Basically goes into great detail about how your lazy brain can be easily deceived. Our brains are always taking shortcuts an most of us can be deceived quite easily. So much so that I now have doubts about Hitler committing suicide at the end of WWII. My reasoning on this is because they used teeth x-rays to confirm his body which to me raised the question where did they get those x-rays from? Germany of course an it would seem an easy thing for the Germans to alter/exchange his x-rays. Be nice to do DNA analysis if we had a sample of each.

American Life magazine quoted Her in 1945 “As the Terror of Prussia”.

Roza Shanina2 Roza Shanina by the age of 20 in 1944 was the Commander of a Russian sniper squad who killed many a Nazi in defense of her country. She was KIA in January 1945.


Firefly cast that FOX dumped after 1 season 13 shows



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Tom Clancy RIP



Honor Harrington

On Basilik Station Free download from Amazon for Kindle readers. The Honorverse is set ~ 2,000 years in the future an is similar to Star Trek with FTL faster than light space ships,battles in space etc AKA “space opera” with believable characters is kind of a blend of scifi an 19th century sea battles an politics. The series is in the process of being made into a movie by Evergreen with a release 2014/2015 guess on my part for the movie but the books are a great read.


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